Thursday, February 4, 2010

Its been awhile

So I lied... about taking a break from knitting. I am so bad, I try to take a break and a week later I remember about that cardigan I promised my mother in law, and that is just the start. Next, after I just cast on for her February Lady Sweater, in the mail come my Socks That Rock Sock Club shipment. Now what? So the MIL's sweater is on the needles looking good, and I want one of my own in a different color. The the Socks That Rock club, then I have two other Socks That Rock yarn that I want to wear right now!! So that makes about five total projects that I want to have done or in the works right now. But I digress.

I have decided that I will not wind any skeins of yarn until the very day I use them, because I just love, love, love, to pet the sock yarn skein from my club. My husband looks at me like a crazy person when I pick up the skein and hold it close to my face and tell it how pretty it looks today. Oh, I almost forgot the mini emergency skein, that I love, but it is not as sqwishable as the skein. There will be pictures later of all of the things I have been doing, but for now I must continue knitting, knitting, knitting.