Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Im Lame and I know it

So its been awhile, my bad I know. But there aren't many if any readers out there. I have been quilting up a storm so I have a completely finished quilt, the one I told you about before. And I finished making the top of a Double Wedding Ring and I plan on making it for my cousin's wedding in a year and a half, so there is time to get it on the frame. So now I have just begun an Amish Stripes quilt for myself. I have had the fabric for this quilt for about six years, so I finally have the time and the ambition to start and finish it.
So still no news on the baby front. If there is still nothing good to report, then I think we are going back to the specialist. It has been over a year and a half and we need help. Plus if my husband gets the job that he is supposed to he will be working a lot more and making more money. We can then afford to go to the specialist, because that is all out of pocket ad not cheap at all.