Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Quilt

So I am not going to put up the Double Wedding ring because, lets face it, my house is not big enough to set up a huge king size quilt. So I started and finished piecing the top of a quilt I have wanted to make for years, an Amish stripes or Amish Shadows quilt. It will be queen sized and I had to make it twice. The first blocks I made were with my 7 year old fabric from when I couldn't afford good cotton fabric. So I made up the blocks with bad fabric and laid them all out the same way. Not how I wanted it to look, I reread the instructions and found that I was supposed to strip piece in a random order.
Now I went and got nicer fabric, which will last a long time, and better colors, so I remade the entire quilt. I now have on the frame my top that I made and have started quilting. I really hope to get this finished quickly because this is a quilt I always wanted. And I am itching to piece another top, something fancy next time.