Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dyeabolical Socks

So I finished my Dyeabolical socks, in the pattern Dead Simple Lace socks. They look good, and I am so upset because I worked them from the toe up, and tried a new cast-off method, and totally ruined the socks. I cannot get the socks onto my feet, I think I really messed up the cuff's cast-off. So I don't know how to repair this. I guess I do need to attack it, because I want to wear the socks.

Also, I tried my hand at dyeing yarn, and it did not come out quite right at first. I tried to handpaint the skein first, but the colors bled and was a nightmare. Planning is key to dyeing yarn, I found that out the hard way. So I kettle dyed the poor ugly skein, and it looked like this in the kettle.

Now it is a hot pink ball of bubblegum ishness. I always wanted hot pink socks, so we will see what they turn into eventually.