Monday, May 24, 2010

New Projects

So last night was the Lost finale and I was so super disappointed by the entire thing. This last season has not bee what I expected, but I was at a Lost party and had a great time even thought the show was not what I expected.

I began the Traveling Sweater from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and this sweater is going to take me forever. I have one wedge out of eight done, and then I still have the sleeves. I love the color of the Woobu, which is called Stormy Weather, and I have another few skeins of Tumbleweed that I might use this winter for the same Traveling Sweater.

And finally in quilt news, I finished the label for the back so that I can identify my quilts better when I get old, and the entire thing is halfway done and I need to flip it again. But I am having problems, my jaw hurts like none other, I have some sort of sore in my gums and it is pressing on the nerves of my teeth. My right side of my upper jaw is painful so I am having trouble sleeping and just in general.