Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hubby got the Job!!

So my husband got the job and so I am on some awesome fertility meds that make me super mood swingy. So no mothers day for me, but maybe next year. I am super happy that my Amish Stripes quilt is on the frame, and hubby said that he would buy me a new quilt frame, and I am super excited. I got a new sampler blocks book and more reproduction fabric , because I love love love reproduction prints.

I am going to piece a quilt for my husband by hand and then quilt it because I need to do things especially for him. And with this new job he might be able to move ahead quicly, and we may have to move. I am worried about all kinds of things that moving entails, because it would be a wonderful oppurtunity, but we would be at least 3 hours from family. I would love to be a real grown up and own a house and decorate and be on our own. But how would I deal without my family? What if we had a baby? Would i need to get a job? How could I help my parents at the farm? We will see what happens a year from now. No worries til then. Living in the here and now. And now I feel hungry; dinner should be ready soon.